Founded by top 15 ATP player Andrei Pavel and successful junior development coach Nick Blackwood, Pavel & Blackwood Tennis Academy provides premier opportunities for both junior and professional players as well as programming for adults of all abilities, including beginners.  Extensive experience nationally and internationally enables Andrei and Nick to provide the mentoring and training required to compete at junior, collegiate and professional levels.

Pavel  & Blackwood Tennis Academy partners with athletes of all abilities to provide a high level of tennis training created to meet their goals on and off the court.  We believe the successful tennis player is the one who is prepared mentally and physically.  Since each player has unique training needs our programs focus on their individual strengths and areas for development.  With a combination of physical training, mental development and an emphasis on education for our junior players, we create an environment where each player that works hard can be a winner.

Our philosophy for evaluating the progress and performance of our players is rooted in our belief that Accountability, Responsibility and Respect are essential in the training of the competitive athlete.  Each player must be accountable for their actions at all times.  This includes taking ownership in their training, competitive and educational objectives.  They must show responsibility in all areas of their lives as their actions off court directly correlate to their actions on court.  They must show respect for themselves, their parents, their peers, their educators, their coaches and those they come in contact with on a daily basis.  

We believe our players should work hard at all times.  However, we also know that in order for them to be successful they must enjoy their training as well.   Pavel & Blackwood Tennis Academy is dedicated to the success of our players on all levels.

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